Monday, February 1, 2010

Week 2

This week I took notes while I watched some of the tutorial videos on By the way, if you have a need to learn just about any type of technical or creative software on the market, check them out. There are some free videos available or you can subscribe to their service. Considering the cost of purchasing training videos or taking an actual class, the cost is quite reasonable.

Anyway, back to my notes. I've decided to just post them as I wrote them, with some slight editing for spelling errors that happened due to the speed at which I was typing.

  • When you put an image on a page, or link to another file, Dreamweaver puts code on the page which then tells the browser where it can find the file or image. If you move things around outside of Dreamweaver, you would have to make any changes manually. If you do it via the file panel, Dreamweaver updates all the links automatically. It also updates the links on other pages that link to that page.
  • You can create new files and folders through the Files panel. If you create a new file, always remember to add the extension, such as .html.
  • It’s possible to change the Document Type Declaration if you mess up or if you bring in a page from an old website. Dreamweaver will change the coding so that the page will then have the correct standards for the new DTD.

This is really just the tip of the iceburg. I had yet another root canal, making me a bit fuzzy headed again this week. I'm still on penicillin for the abscessed tooth, but even so, I think everything is really starting to sink in. I may enjoy this class yet. My main hope is that I will no longer fear coding, and so far, it's looking a little less scary each day.

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