Monday, January 25, 2010

Week 1 Summary

I'm starting off at a slight disadvantage. I'd forgotten just how much it hurts to have a root canal - and I had two of them on Thursday. I'm not exactly sure how much I'll retain from the readings this week. It's a good thing I read quickly, as I'm sure I'll have to reread everything.

Speaking of reading, here are two of the articles we read. The first is a review of 25 coding editors, including Dreamweaver. The second explains FTP software.

I still need to build my first webpage that isn't a blog.

As part of our class requirements, we needed a subscription to This is a site that Deke McLelland is always recommending, and I've taken advantage of several of the free tutorials on the site before. I definitely suggest checking them out. There is an enormous amount of information there on everything from the Adobe suite of products to basics like Excel and Word.

One of our tutorials suggested that we check out W3C - the World Wide Web Consortium. On this site, you can find out exactly what xHTML is and why it's better than HTML. Under W3C A to Z are most of the topics that one would need for this or any other web design course.

Oh, and before I sign off, remember, the internet and the World Wide Web are not the same thing. The Internet is basically a whole bunch of networks. The Web is the documents, or pages, contained on those networks.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

CAT 274

Hey guys! It's a new semester and I'm back with two new classes. For one of my classes, I am required to blog. This makes me happy, since blogging is fun.

This semester, I am taking CAT 274, which is actually Web Design, and Art 120, Digital Photography. I'm guessing this blog and my main blog will both go through some changes over the next several months as I learn how to accomplish things beyond the templates available.

I may be required to move this blog over to Wordpress. I do hope not, but if I do, I will link any new blog back to this one.

We are supposed to post a photo of ourselves. I am in the process of having a lot of dental work done, so I don't smile in photos yet. This pic is of myself (on the left) and my friend Anne. It was taken at the Borders in Chapel Hill, NC, the day after Christmas.